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Logistics Jobs

A career in transport and logistics mainly involves ensuring people and products are safe and move efficiently across UK. Millions of passengers travel by air, sea, road and rail all over UK every year while imported and exported products go through a logistics supply chain.

Workers in logistics sector manage the processes that make up the supply chain. They make sure the raw material is sourced and keep track of the product development until its completion. They also co-ordinate the delivery of the products, manage transport and distribution centers and handle and manage inventories using complex computer systems.

There are many support roles in transport and logistics industries. Some of these include:

  • Safety specialists such as driving instructors, air traffic controllers , railway station assistants, examiners, conductors and signallers who ensure drivers and pilots follow the laid out health and safety laws.
  • Transport and distribution managers, operations personnel l, schedulers and planners who co-ordinate the movement of people and goods.
  • Customer service personnel who provide information, answer queries, take reservations and act as the public faces of the transport and logistics industries.
  • Warehouse personnel who prepare items, separate them to relevant categories and package them for delivery.

Working Hours For Logistics Jobs

Since the industry operates 24 hours, it is common to have part-time work and shift rotas. Most jobs require employees to work early mornings, evenings and night shifts. Working during the weekends is also common. Logistics jobs are available in a wide range of locations mainly at bus stations, airports, offices, warehouses and airports. The duties usually involve a lot of time in vehicles and workers may be assigned a combination of indoor and outdoor work.

Employers in the logistics sector range from mid size businesses to transport providers operating a fleet of vehicles and international logistical corporations. There are over 2 million people in England working in the logistics industry. Over 570,000 workers are in the passenger sector. Transport and logistics jobs are available all over the country and currently, there is a shortage of skilled workers in some areas.

Workers in the industry are required to follow safety regulations and have high levels of concentration especially if they are operating vehicles and other machines. Most employers prefer applicants who have excellent customer service skills and good communication. Other desirable qualities include problem-solving skills and ability to remain composed during a crisis.

Training For Logistics Jobs

Many jobs in the transport and logistics sector do not require education qualifications for entry. However, there are a number that require minimum qualifications ranging from GCSEs, A levels and degrees. Most companies offer apprenticeship opportunities and some large firms also offer graduate training schemes. Some jobs, especially those involving operating machinery and diving, may have age restrictions.

New entrants are usually trained before they can be allowed to handle certain tasks. Trainings may include practical and in-house courses to update their skills and knowledge on their entry positions. Sometimes, workers may be required to study relevant courses such as NVQs. Most employers provide regular safety and health trainings to their workers. Specialist jobs such as railway signaller and air traffic controller involve regular evaluation on performance and ongoing training.

Large companies have structured opportunities for promotion to management and supervisory positions. Some instructors and drivers may prefer to get into self-employment while others may decide to apply for jobs overseas.

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